BJJ-Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

I AM AN ATHLETE… But I haven’t always been one. In fact, saying, “I’m an athlete” is actually a little difficult. For those of you who haven’t known me for long, I started working out and getting in shape seven years ago (this month actually). It was just to lose weight and be “skinny” again […]


May Ellie 2018

Full disclosure here. MAY ELLIE It’s been one year since I started receiving a monthly box from Ellie. A few things have changed since then…Like now you can choose from three different boxes (at least that’s how the last couple months have been), and I haven’t been disappointed. Let’s go over what you get with […]


I wish...

WISHING As I scrolled through my feed this morning thinking about what I might write for this week’s blog, I came across a post from a Facebook friend indicating she was starting a new workout program. (She’s already lost weight…but it’s obvious she has a very specific goal. This is fantastic!) In the comments section, […]

Staying Motivated When You’re Just Not Feeling Motivated

Staying Motivated When You’re Not Feeling Motivated Motivation can be so difficult! We usually start a workout program with lots of motivation and great intentions. We begin and we get into a great groove, but then something happens and we miss a day, or have a “bad” meal or “bad” day, and we slowly fall […]