THANKSGIVING 2019 Thanksgiving 2019 is upon us! It’s my second favorite holiday (after Christmas). Typically, I like to celebrate one holiday at a time. I really like to soak each one up…plus, my mom brain can only process one thing at a time. If I start doing Christmas before Thanksgiving (our tree and decorations go […]


DOING LESS Doing less sounds counterproductive these days…but hear me out. A year or two ago, I wrote out our weekly schedule to share with everyone. I didn’t share it to show what an organized and getting-stuff-done kind of mama I am. I’m actually far from organized, and the schedule was overwhelming. I’ve battled depression […]


Bruschetta Bruschetta is yummy! The only kind I’ve ever had is the kind with a delicious tomato and basil topping. (FYI: Bruschetta refers to the bread that is grilled and rubbed with garlic. mmmmm amazing. I know!) But I didn’t know what else to call this so if there is a name for this particular […]