TODAY I CRIED… Today, I cried. Not because I was sad, but because I am happy. I’m happy because for the first time in almost three years, I felt like Kelley. I have been very open about my struggle with depression and anxiety. It’s difficult to share about, but I think it can be helpful […]


DOING LESS Doing less sounds counterproductive these days…but hear me out. A year or two ago, I wrote out our weekly schedule to share with everyone. I didn’t share it to show what an organized and getting-stuff-done kind of mama I am. I’m actually far from organized, and the schedule was overwhelming. I’ve battled depression […]


BJJ-Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

I AM AN ATHLETE… But I haven’t always been one. In fact, saying, “I’m an athlete” is actually a little difficult. For those of you who haven’t known me for long, I started working out and getting in shape seven years ago (this month actually). It was just to lose weight and be “skinny” again […]


May Ellie 2018

Full disclosure here. MAY ELLIE It’s been one year since I started receiving a monthly box from Ellie. A few things have changed since then…Like now you can choose from three different boxes (at least that’s how the last couple months have been), and I haven’t been disappointed. Let’s go over what you get with […]