It’s no secret. I’m sure you’ve seen in my posts lately: I love wildlife. I love to observe nature; God’s beautiful creation. I don’t know that I’ve always appreciated it the way I do now, but the older I get, the more time I take to wonder at His marvelous creation.

We have SO MANY birds that live in our yard at our new home. I’m in love.🥰 I was so hesitant to leave my old home, but now I’m grateful for the beautiful wildlife I see daily out my kitchen and dining area windows. These rooms are the place I spend most of my time, and while I’m there I can see bluebirds 🐦, cardinals, blue jays, and even the menacing squirrels 🐿 (which I wouldn’t mind so much if they didn’t ruin people’s houses). I also have had the pleasure of growing beautiful painted lady butterflies in my kitchen, and hear the cute “hooting” of the owls in our yard first thing in the morning. I tried talking to them, but they wouldn’t talk back. (I’m not crazy, our old owls used to talk back to me. I guess they just haven’t accepted us as neighbors yet.😂)

But one of my favorites (other than the bluebirds which remind me of my mama…they’re her favorite) are the humming birds. Sweet, tiny humming birds. They were my Grandma Sadie’s favorite. She used to call me just to tell me that she had seen them that day. I used to think it was a little weird that she would do that, but now I totally get it. (I’m fact I’m getting a little emotional remembering those sweet calls.) She would also call to tell me that the “deers” had been in her yard. And here I am now texting my mama and daddy or other friends and family (or sharing on social media) the beauty that lives so close to me.

It really is a special thing and helps me to slow down and remember what’s important in life…I get to share this with my kids. Even they’ve been excited to see the birds at the feeder, and that makes my heart happy. In fact, one of the books the kids had to read for co-op was called “The Boy Who Drew Birds”. Joseph loves to draw and he asked about drawing the wildlife in our yard. Be still my heart! 🥰😍 He definitely my artist.

There’s no other reason for sharing this other than to share my memories and heart. This is a tiny piece of my life and what I aim to share through my blog. I know I love to help women lose weight and feel amazing, but honestly, that’s just a teeny tiny part of who I am and what I love.

Until next time…