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Ellie Activewear April
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What do you get with Ellie Activewear’s April box? This! OR one of two others you can choose from. If you’re new to the blog, this is how it works: You can choose from two subscriptions-1. You choose a three piece outfit for $39.95. -2. You choose a three piece outfit + two accessories for $49.95. That’s it. You can choose to skip (or cancel) within the first four days of the month if you’re not feeling the outfit. That’s it. Every month you get a cute activewear box delivered to your front door. (You can also order single pieces from their website.)


This month, I got the “Desert Sage”. There are two other’s to choose from. Check them out here! The leggings are really soft and comfy. I could lounge in these. 🙂 The bra is supportive! And the shirt actually has tiny stripes on it. Here I am modeling it…

Ellie Activewear April Box

Ellie Activewear April Box
Love the side of these leggings!


Ellie Activewear April Box
Cute Back
Ellie Activewear April Box
Love the back and side of this bra!

Ellie Activewear April


If you loved this outfit or one of the other two, make sure you don’t miss out. Get signed up today and always be in style for your workouts…and comfy too. 😉

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